• Location: South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
  • Salary: ZAR40000 - ZAR90000 per month + Pension, mediacal, bonus,
  • Technology: Java Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 6th Sep, 2019
  • Reference: Technical BA JHB
Technical BA

Your role...

Key Accountabilities:

Being a Technical BA, you will be dealing with the end-to-end management of co-ordinated requirements across projects/partners, along with being a leader of business vision of large projects, you will actively seek to improve delivery quality.

Communication skills. Must be able to take complex, technical information and translate it for colleagues and consumers who have nontechnical backgrounds.

Detail oriented. Create detailed instructions for others to follow. As a result, you must be detailed and precise at every step so that the instructions can be useful.

Imagination. Must be able to think about a procedure or product in the way that a person without technical experience would think about it.

Teamwork. Must be able to work well with others. You are almost always part of a team: with designers, developers, and project managers; and with the technical people whose information they are explaining.

Writing skills. Must have excellent writing skills to be able to explain technical information clearly.

Technical documentation on as-is implemented code in Java, NodeJS, Angular, MySQL, RabbitMQ, etc

Essential Skills and Experience:

* Co-ordination of requirements within a programme of multiple workstreams
* Completing system audits
* Confident and effective client management skills
* Critical thinking and problem solving
* Cross-stream impact assessments within a programme of multiple workstreams
* Documenting risks, issues, assumptions, and dependencies to be proactively managed
* Experience and understanding of various SDLC, such as; Waterfall, Agile, XP
* Experience with software development processes
* Knowledge of different architecture designs; enterprise, scaled web, big data etc
* Leading co-ordination of requirements across multiple workstreams
* Leading cross-stream impact assessments across multiple workstreams
* Leading vision of complete solution across multiple workstreams

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