• Location: South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
  • Salary: ZAR450000 - ZAR600000 per annum + Benefits
  • Technology: AngularJS Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 31st Jan, 2020
  • Reference: FEDRAJHB31120
Job Type: Front-End Developer (React.js/Angular)

Location: Sandton, Johannesburg

Contact name: Liam Burrell

Telephone: +27 10 443 9928

Salary: Up to R600,000 per annum

This company is a leading custom software development house specialising in producing quality applications for a variety of clients across differing industries. They are currently working on projects such as a data visualisation tool to allow clients to analyise insights regarding their business.

They are looking for Full-Stack JavaScript Developers to join their team.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Contributing to our primary dashboarding project, as well as various once-offs and prototypes.
* Consistently review other team members' code, and have your code reviewed as well.
* Work closely with our product owner, designers, data/business analysts, and back-end developers to ensure the platform is achieving its goals.
* Working in an agile environment. That means participating in sprints, sprint rituals, and having good ticket hygiene!
* Knowing your own knowledge gaps and working to close them. We're all autodidacts and self-starters here, and we're always learning and improving.
* Being a team player! A willingness to help out where needed, mentor those more junior than you, and step up to whatever challenge we face as a team.

Requirements and Qualifications

* JavaScript
* Experience with functional programming concepts is beneficial, but not a requirement.
* Experience working with tools like ESLint and Prettier is beneficial, but not a requirement.
* Familiarity with PWA architecture and the Service Worker API is very beneficial, but is not a requirement.
* React
* You must have a grasp of the various conventions, design patterns, and best practices used within the React community.
* Redux
* We use fairly vanilla Redux, but experience with any popular state management library is beneficial.
* Jest
* Experience doing TDD is beneficial, but not a requirement.
* HTML 5
* A good knowledge of HTML semantics is expected, but not a deal breaker if you're willing to learn on the job.
* Knowledge of a11y and WAI-ARIA best practices is beneficial, but not a requirement.
* CSS 3
* Knowledge of browser idiosyncrasies and the ability to create styling that works in all modern browsers, both mobile and desktop.
* Knowledge of design principles is beneficial, but not a requirement.
* Knowledge of or an interest in applying good UX practices to your work is beneficial, but not a requirement.
* Git
* Experience using Git Flow as a branching strategy is beneficial, but not a requirement.
* Must be able to demonstrate good commit hygiene!

Nice To Have

Having knowledge or experience in any of the following is not a requirement, but
would set you apart from other candidates:

* Experience creating data visualisations with D3.js or similar
* Experience contributing to an open-source project
* Publishing packages to NPM
* Using Lerna mono-repos for managing projects
* Building component libraries using Storybook
* Using StyledComponents, Emotion or any CSS-in-JS library
* Using SASS, LESS or any other CSS preprocessor
* Experience with SVG or Canvas animation
* Experience with writing integration tests using Cypress or an equivalent tool
* Experience with setting up visual regression testing tools such as Percy
* Knowledge of, or experience with using Progressive Enhancement as a methodology for building web front-ends.
* Experience with TypeScript

To apply, please send your CV to l.burrell@pearsonfrank.com or call +27 87 237 9834