• Location: South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
  • Salary: ZAR30000 - ZAR100000 per annum
  • Technology: Python Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 6th Feb, 2020
  • Reference: PFI0602020
Job title: Data Science Manager

Job type: Full time

Location: Sandton

Reports to: Chief Analytix Officer

Job overview

The Data Science Manager will be responsible for building a team of Data Scientists to design, sell and deliver Data Science Projects ranging from bespoke consulting engagements through to the full product development lifecycle. Manage the sales process for DataRobot. As Analytix Engine is a start-up, the Data Science Manager will be required to do the analytics personally while he builds his team.


Consulting delivery

* Build proposals for engagements with customers based on customers' needs
* Plan engagements
* Take responsibility for timely delivery of projects within budget
* Manage team of data scientists
* Communicate with client
* Project management
* Build analytical models and tools

Product development

* Design data science projects
* Manage lean and agile delivery
* Draw together different teams in the development process
* Ensure data science projects are coded in such a way as to be integrated into software process
* Build analytical models and tools


* Write marketing documents
* Present at conferences


* Compile proposal documentation
* Make DataRobot sales


* Ensure consulting administration tasks such as timesheets are complete for the team
* Contribute to the budgeting process
* Administer HR aspects of data science team

Building a team

* Source and recruit new talent
* Train new employees
* Manage team of data scientists
* Build morale
* Retain talent

Skills and experience


* Minimum of a bachelor's degree in a mathematical discipline (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Sciences, Engineering etc)


* 5 - 10 years' professional working experience
* Minimum of 3 years' data science experience


* Python as your first language
* Experience in building machine learning models
* Big Data skills such as Natural Language Processing
* Database skills
* Good coding practice (DevOps / Version Control / CI/CD etc)
* Consulting experience is an advantage