Country Junior Mid Senior
Ruby Developer Salary in the United Kingdom GBP 32,516 GBP 42,554 GBP 57,598 View Jobs
Ruby Developer Salary in Denmark DKK 420,455 DKK 540,149 DKK 660,537 View Jobs
Ruby Developer Salary in Finland EUR 30,156 EUR 38,287 EUR 52,341 View Jobs
Ruby Developer Salary in France EUR 33,355 EUR 35,257 EUR 40,384 View Jobs
Ruby Developer Salary in Germany EUR 35,293 EUR 42,135 EUR 60,216 View Jobs
Ruby Developer Salary in Spain EUR 17,457 EUR 32,456 EUR 45,486 View Jobs
Ruby Developer Salary in South Africa ZAR 360,286 ZAR 510,229 ZAR 900,356 View Jobs
Ruby Developer Salary in Sweden SEK 420,468 SEK 540,235 SEK 660,538 View Jobs

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-orientated and general-purpose programming language developed in the mid-1990s.

Ruby on Rails – commonly referred to as Rails – is a server-side web application framework providing default structures for databases, web services, and web pages. Sites such as Twitter, Netflix, and Hulu have all used Ruby on Rails throughout their life.

The average Ruby Developer salary around the world is £40,616. For Junior roles, Denmark and Sweden pay the highest salaries for their Junior Ruby Developers offering 420,455kr (£49,170) and 420,468kr (£37,516) respectively. Spain pays the lowest amount to Junior Ruby Developers offering a starting salary of €17,457 (£15,185). The average Junior Ruby Developer salary is £30,229.

The highest mid-range Ruby Developer salaries are in Denmark and Sweden where you can expect a salary of around 540,149kr (£63,163) in Denmark and 540,235kr (£48,039) in Sweden. The lowest salary for mid-level Ruby Developers can be found in Spain where developers can expect a salary of €32,456 (£28,232). The average mid-range Ruby Developer salary is £39,132.

Salaries for Senior Ruby Developers are strong in all of the countries surveyed. Denmark offers Senior Ruby Developers the highest salaries at 660,537kr (£77,136) with Sweden in second place offering 660,538kr (£58,737). The average senior Ruby Developer salary is £52,486.

These Ruby Developer salary figures are based on 1,483 data points as part of the annual Pearson Frank Salary Survey.

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